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Overwhelmed by debt, threat of garnishment or foreclosure?

Don’t panic. Pick up your phone and call Brand and Associates, PLLC bankruptcy legal services in Scottsdale and now in Prescott to explore whether bankruptcy can solve your problems. The call will not cost you anything to see if we can help. Get immediate free information by calling 7 days a week to talk with an attorney. If we are on another call, leave a message and an attorney will return your call. You may also click CONTACT and send us a message. There will be no charge for the telephone conference nor the first face-to-face visit with an experienced and licensed attorney.

Brand and Associates, PLLC, not only continues to offer traditional bankruptcy services under the Bankruptcy Code using virtually all of the consumer debt related Chapters, but it also has expanded its services to include other debt-relief services, both within the framework of the bankruptcy process,  and outside of bankruptcy, in order to be more responsive to the needs of all consumers. Often those suffering stress from debt do not require bankruptcy resolution and discharge.  They may need:

Debt Reconciliation and Negotiated Settlement. Before filing bankruptcy Brand and Associates, PLLC, will assess your liquidity, and if your assets’ value exceeds the dollar balance of debts owed (meaning you are liquid), then we may recommend the resolution of your debt with your creditors at a reduced balance, and assist you in seeking financing that will facilitate settlements, making it possible for you to live within a realistic budget.

Mortgage Modification. Since the real estate recession of 2008, many consumers continue to suffer stress related to a mortgage balance upon their residence.  The monthly payments may be out of proportion to the real value of their homes, and they may exceed an appropriate budget. This may occur with or without other debt defaults, and often is the reason for such other defaults. Whether you need mortgage modification along with bankruptcy relief, or just mortgage relief to bring your budget back into balance, Brand and  Associates, PLLC, can assist you.

As of February 1, 2017, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona, has adopted forms and procedures permitting debtors to pursue mortgage modification with mediation,  while processing a chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization. Using software to help you organize your supporting documentation, the court’s portal assures secure document delivery to the lender and provides a mediator to assure compliance by all parties. This will facilitate the responsible processing of your application for modification.

There will no longer be complaints of inadequate document compliance and repeated delays in a modification. A modification cannot be guaranteed, but the process will be processed in a timely and fair manner, without frustration, and with court monitoring. In those cases where a modification is appropriate but bankruptcy is unnecessary, the same software can be used to organize and present documentation to the satisfaction of lender guidelines.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Lastly, in cases of abuse, harassment, and deception of debtors by collection agents, including mortgage debt collection servicers, whether a debt was due or demanded in error or through misrepresentation, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides relief and damages for the offensive pursuit of debt recovery. This can include cases of repeated errors in accounts or bookkeeping where demands and threats persist no matter what evidence is presented to demonstrate that payment was made, that debt was never due, that the issue was resolved in prior proceedings, or that a lesser sum is due. Brand and Associates, PLLC, will investigate and review documentation, and pursue recovery for violation of the Act in Federal or State Courts where warranted.

Excess Proceeds Recovery. In cases where clients have suffered a non-judicial foreclosure (the most common means of foreclosure of real estate liens), Brand and Associates, PLLC, will review the records of your County recorder to determine whether there were bids to buy your property which exceeded the balance due upon the mortgage foreclosed. If your property was worth more than what was owed, you may have a balance remaining on deposit, which is yours if you file an action for its recovery.           We can help you recover funds that may furnish the down payment on a future home for your family and assist you in a financial recovery. This is called the recovery of excess proceeds and it will be accomplished with fees paid as permitted by statute.

Should your circumstances include any of the above scenarios, call now and we will be glad to provide information without charge and undertake your representation if there is justification for it. Don’t wonder whether you have rights call now.