Overwhelmed by Debt?

Our bankruptcy attorneys can assist you in your debt relief journey in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Prescott, AZ

Don’t panic. Pick up your phone and call Brand and Associates, PLLC for debt relief in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Prescott, AZ to explore whether bankruptcy can solve your problems. The call will not cost you anything to see if we can help. Get immediate free information by calling 7 days a week to talk with an attorney. If we are on another call, leave a message and an attorney will return your call. You may also click CONTACT and send us a message. There will be no charge for the telephone conference with an experienced and licensed attorney.

Brand and Associates, PLLC, not only continues to offer traditional bankruptcy services under the Bankruptcy Code using virtually all of the consumer debt related Chapters, but it also has expanded its services to include other debt relief services, both within the framework of the bankruptcy process, and outside of bankruptcy, in order to be more responsive to the needs of all consumers. Often those suffering stress from debt do not require bankruptcy resolution and discharge. They may need:

Debt Reconciliation and Negotiated Settlement.

Before filing bankruptcy Brand and Associates, PLLC, will assess your liquidity, and if your assets’ value exceeds the dollar balance of debts owed (meaning you are liquid), then we may recommend the resolution of your debt with your creditors at a reduced balance, and assist you in seeking financing that will facilitate settlements, making it possible for you to live within a realistic budget.

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